Dash Poem author getting more recognition, despite squelching dedicated forum!

By all outward appearances when the owner of Linda’s Lyrics, LLC managed a courtroom win  a few weeks back, it seemed as though the “win” was more than just a Permanent Protective Order against extorionletterinfo.com founder Matthew Chan, it certainly seemed like the public outrage would be squelched , when the judge also ordered that the entire forum dedicated to “The Dash” poem be shut down, leaving demand victim letters nowhere to turn..

Well now it looks like those victims that were afraid to come out before, don’t like the fact that this is interfering with free speech, and they are starting to come out..within the last 2 weeks 2 new sites dedicated to discussing Linda’s Lyrics and her poem copyright scam have come to light, as well as some other existing sites commenting on the issue.. While I have no idea who these new folks are, I can only surmise that much of the credit for them coming out would go to April Brown, who has been very openly commenting on and speaking directly with many of the victims. I can only imagine that more victims will band together to tell their stories in a factual and meaningful way….kinda like a mini-streisand effect…


Copyright Troll Linda Ellis


Squelching free speech is never a good thing, and is bound to backfire at some point.


  1. I agree, I think that this move by Linda’s Lyrics LLC may have been the tipping point. Her victims have just seen one of their only advocates besides April Brown silenced. Ms. Ellis’s victims are now starting to reveal themselves and publicly telling their stories. I think we will see more and more come forward in the days and weeks to come.

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