Copyright Troll Vincent SCOTT Tylor Pays Letter Recipient

Yes you read the title correctly! Vincent Scott Tylor, son of very well known Copyright Troll Vincent K. Tylor from Hawaii decided it would be wise to sue someone in Australia, yes Australia of all places! Well it turns out the the “defendant” was not willing to pay this dirt bag $4,500.00 and decided to fight back.. The end result was rather surprising..Vincent Scott Tylor reduced the amount from $4,500.00 to $1,000.00, which the defendant quickly declined and made a counter offer that VIncent Scott Tylor PAY them $4,890.00!!

Talk about turning the tables! Vincent Scott Tylor actually accepted this counter-offer and actually paid the recipient.

So just what brought on this change in direction?, We’re not really sure, could be that the cost of litigating halfway around the world, was going to be much more that would be gained, or it could be as simple as it may have ended up being a loss for Vincent Scott Tylor and again it may have cost him way more. Bottom line is that sometimes it takes a little balls and gumption to take out these fucktard copyright trolls.

Below I have included ALL of the public documents regarding this case, as part of the counter offer, no confidentiality agreement was signed, which IMHO is a really good thing!

Copyright Troll Vincent Scott Tylor

Vincent Scott Tylor –  pdf 01  
Vincent Scott Tylor – pdf 02 
Vincent Scott Tylor – pdf 03 
Vincent Scott Tylor – pfd 04 
Vincent Scott Tylor – pdf 05 
Vincent Scott Tylor – pdf 06 
Vincent Scott Tylor – pdf 07
Vincent Scott Tylor – pdf 08 
Vincent Scott Tylor – pdf 09 
Vincent Scott Tylor – pdf 10
Vincent Scott Tylor – pdf 11 – This document show Tylor reducing his offer to $1,000.00
Vincent Scott Tylor – pdf 12 – This document shows the Respondent requesting $4,890.00
Vincent Scott Tylor – pdf 13 – This documents the acceptance of above offer 
Vincent Scott Tylor – pdf 14 



  1. I’m so glad that someone has finally taken Vincent Scott Tylor. Kudos to the letter recipient!

    From reading all the material, it seems to me that the letter recipient made a good defense for themselves by:
    1. Clearly outlining the way that the image was downloaded from a free wallpaper website
    2. Showing that they tried to communicate with the alleged owner of the image (whoever uploaded it) but could not
    3. Detailing the reasonable belief that this alleged owner was the true owner of the uploaded image
    4. Showing how the image was used in a limited way and potentially not “published” so that the image was not actually used
    5. Comparing other reasonable license fees for similar images and showing how outrageous Tylor’s fees are
    6. Making offers to settle, in keeping with other reasonable license fees to show good faith in wanting to settle

    The biggest problem that Tylor faces is that he has lost control of copyright to his own works by allowing them to be in hi-res on the internet without any watermark etc of his name or website.

    Even worse than just being careless, if Tylor is actually responsible for uploading his own images onto these free wallpaper websites (and this is not what is being suggested has actually occurred, just a hypothetical situation), Tylor would be in big trouble. I think it would be interesting for someone to investigate the IP addresses of people who upload the images and compare them to Tylor’s IP addresses. If they match (again, just hypothetical), then there is a very real problem.

    Just as an aside, people still go to jail for fraud…

  2. yeh. i agree with the last comment. vincent khoury tylor and vincent scott tylor have lost control of the copyright to their own pics – not that these pics are any good anyway lol.

    i think it’s great that there was no confidentiality agreement in this case – anyone else attacked by these trolls should just refuse to sign one.

    good to see that the aussies have told vincent scott tylor to fuck off from their country…

  3. It seems that Vincent Khoury Tylor and Vincent Scott Tylor are at it again in Australia.

    They seem to be attacking bloggers on social media who download images from free wallpaper websites. They use Tineye or another kind of reverse image searcher to find these images and then send extortion letters to the bloggers.

    If you are a blogger who has been caught in this spider’s web, then contact a lawyer who knows intellectual property. Just make a google search for “Do You Need Help with a Copyright Infringement Claim” or something similar.

    Remember what Edmund Burke wrote: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and good women] to do nothing.”

  4. I’ve just received a letter from these Tylor scum after downloading images from a free wallpaper website. They want more than $10000 for shitty photos. You can subscribe to istock photos for top notch photos and they cost very little. That’s my mistake. I should have done this.

    Anyway this webpage and these documents have given me hope and encouragement. Very helpful. First thing will be to send a very ‘sincere’ apology to the Tylors so I don’t get pinned with aggravated damages. I’ll also make certain that all letters to his shark-lawyers are very polite so there’s nothing for them to claim that I should pay aggravated damages.

    Anyone else have similar documents that can be shared on here?

    • why apologize?? that only admits guilt..never heard of “aggravated” damages, what exactly is that? VK Tylor and his son are top class douchebags, and have been known to file suit. You best get educated on how to properly proceed, being nice, & apologetic will not get you anywhere

  5. Ask for Security for Costs!!!

    Well, I’ve just learnt another trick in dealing with people who sue but who have no case – apply for security for costs. That means the Tylors had to pay to the courts a huge amount as security in case their case fails, so that I can then claim costs. Otherwise, the Tylors could try to sue, but have no case, and when I seek my costs, the Tylors could just claim that they have no money etc.

    To prevent this from happening, the courts have security for costs, which are useful when the claimant’s case is weak… and they don’t get much weaker than Tylors.

    Anyway, the Tylors have withdrawn their case. This is hilarious!

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