Copyright Troll / Photog VK Tylor files multiple suits

Looks like Vincent K Tylor has been rather busy as of late..worth noting in the below lawsuits, is that Glen Carner owner of Hawaiian Art network does not seem to be involved with these, and also it looks like photographer VK Tylor is showing his young son the ropes and how to become a prolific copyright troll..To bad the kid is going to get a very bad reputation very quickly thanks to his asshole father..

Vincent K. Tylor v. Kailua Realty LTD
Vincent K. Tylor v. Smart Enterprise Inc.
Vincent K. Tylor v. Hawaaiian Airlines, Inc.
Vincent K. Tylor & Vincent Scott Tylor v. Rhythm of Life Cosmetics, Inc.
Vincent Khoury Tylor v. Gypsy Guide Hawaii, LLC



    • Several key issues here..
      1. it is a default judgement, the defendant never answered the suit, they were bound to loose.
      2. apparently the defendant continued to use the images in question, and continues to use them, they get little to no sympathy from me, if they were ignorant enough to not remove the images.
      3. I would be willing to bet, even tho the plaintiff was awarded damages, he will likely collect any money from this, seems as if I of the defendants already claimed bankruptcy..

      So a “win” on paper, isn’t always a win.

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