Copyright Troll Linda Ellis launches new business website…

Directly from Georgia Poet and “Dash Author” Linda Ellis’ Facebook page:

Linda Ellis – Author – The Dash

I had intended to begin writing biographies for people all about their “dash.” We were preparing the business to launch next year. However, two projects have presented themselves that have touched my heart deeply and may lead to launching this wonderful idea sooner than intended!

“Combining her unique creative writing skills with an innate ability to connect with people allows her and her writing partner to convert your memories into a lasting legacy for you to share and someday leave behind.”

A Couple of things to note here…..she actually is going to have a “writing partner”, we can’t wait to find out who this is,and why they would want to be associated with the gold digging, greedy so called “poet” from Marietta Georgia Linda Ellis.

Just like we did for her other failed experiment with “Dogwood Inspirations” and that domain, she can thank us later for the totally FREE search engine exposure for her new domain and website:

I’m sure more posts  about “dash biographies” will follow as information becomes available!!!

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