Copyright Troll John W. Jolin has a new gig!

Well, thanks to Copyright Troll John W. Jolin who works for poet Linda Ellis at Linda’s Lyrics,LLC for checking out my LinkedIn profile and leaving me this lil nugget. It would appear this douche-bag isn’t making enough doing Linda Ellis’ dirty deeds and he neede a second job

John Jolin

Certified Ancillary Consultant at Ancillary Medical Solutions
Marietta, Georgia | Medical Devices

  1. Ancillary Medical Solutions,
  2. Linda’s Lyrics, LLC
  1. Discover Media, LLC,,
  2. HomeOwner Appraisal Services Inc.,
  3. Coastline Micro, Inc.
  1. DeVry University

Ancillary Medical Solutions (AMS) is the innovative answer that healthcare providers have been looking for as practices evolve due to the numerous changes in the medical sector. Through the high?caliber training of its sales force to become Certified Ancillary Consultants (CACs), AMS endeavors to provide patient?centric solutions to healthcare providers in a true consultative fashion. Aggregating the best?inclass products, tests, and equipment in the Ancillary Space through a single point of contact via its CACs, medical professionals can continually be advised of the latest trends. With 19 proven service lines in its current book of business, AMS is rapidly expanding, driven by its motto: “Patient?centric solutions,consultative partnership.”

Please contact me to show you how to take your medical practice to the next level. You may contact me at: or (678) 521-6216

Operations Manager
Linda’s Lyrics, LLC

  • January 2011 – Present (4 years 5 months)Marietta GA
  • Support and maintain company website and online shopping cart.
  • Locate, select, and procure merchandise for resale, representing management in purchase negotiations.
  • Develop and implement product marketing strategies including advertising campaigns and sales promotions.
  • Assist Ms. Ellis in maintaining the value and integrity of her registered copyrighted works.
  • Finding and notifying copyright infringers and negotiate monetary settlements to resolve the infringement.
  • If a resolution of the copyright infringement cannot be reached I coordinate with attorneys about our litigation options to resolve the incident.



  1. Got to love LinkedIn…
    nothing like putting your
    resume online for the WORLD
    to see and not just
    a potential employer.

    As for the subject at hand…
    he seems to be a jack-ass of all
    trades…well with the exception

  2. Evidently, Linda can’t afford to pay him. I guess through efforts of a few, the poetry extortion business is down as is the business of selling Dash-poem related nonsense (though, I do wish they would bring back the garden-Jolins).

    Jolin has chosen a hard way to make a living, but at least this one might be an honest one. He will be chasing down docs to sign them up for a program where they can sell additional services.

    He is the medical sales equivalent of the person the car dealership who tries to sell you a bunch of crap you don’t need after you have decided to buy a car. I guess his big new title at Linda Lyrics wasn’t enough to make up for the loss of business now that people know that Linda’s copyright extortion letters are worth the paper they are never printed on.

  3. Since he worked exclusively for Linda for so long and now has to take on a second job I see that as more proof the April’s Beware Don’t Share campaign is working.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when her book is finally finally released.

    • I sincerely hope that April Brown’s “Beware Don’t Share” campaign
      is working.

      The last line of Jolin’s job responsibility for Linda’s Lyrics LLC
      is probably the most amusing:

      “If a resolution of the copyright infringement cannot be reached I
      coordinate with attorneys about our litigation options to resolve
      the incident.”

      He “coordinates with attorneys about litigation options”…attorneys
      such as Timothy B. McCormack and Elizabeth McBride perhaps?
      To my knowledge and with the exception of one actual lawsuit filed
      (perhaps Robert may correct me if I am mistaken), I know of no other
      attorney/s involved in any actual “litigation” to resolve any “alleged”
      infringements of Ellis’ registered copyrighted works. Apparently Ellis
      has been mostly paid off over and over again without any need for such
      “coordination” on the part of Jolin.

      Got to love trolls.

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