Copyright Troll Greg Bonser , Atradius Collections employee cries to boss

This Landed in my inbox this morning, mind you I was CC’d on it, as these douche-bags were too lazy to complain to me directly, even though I wrote the original post on Extortion letter Info me.


Dear Mr Chan


I am writing to make a formal complaint regarding a post on your forum and a request to remove this post. The link to this post is as follows:

The reason for the complaint and request to remove is that it includes personal details of one of the collectors on my team:

I have copied in our Legal Counsel and also informed our client of the complaint and request to remove the post.

At this juncture it is simple a request to remove the post and once our Legal Counsel returns from leave and we further discuss with our client we will contact you again.

I look forward to confirmation of the removal.

Best Regards

Dean Jones
Operations Manager I Collections
Atradius Collections


Clearly Greg Bonser or Dean Jones have no education in law or how the internet works…Which is probably why they are lowly scum bag collection agents in the first place.

Why does it become Eli’s or my problem if this asshat hangs his facebook profile out there in public for all to see, including pictures of his kid??

It doesn’t, I’m sure Greg Bonser would have prefered that I use the picture of him with an ass, but that picture did not exist at the time of my posting, in case your curious what 2 asses side by look like:

So NO I won’t be removing my post or editing my post, they can shag off, and simply because I’m in a good mood and feeling generous below is Dean Jones “Operations Manager” of Atradius Collections, courtesy of his “public” linkedin account..

Blumpkin Dean Jones
Operations Manager I Collections Atradius Collections


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