Columbus Attorney Elizabeth (Betsy) McBride about to have a bad day

Yet another chapter of note in the seemingly never-ending case of Chan v. Ellis.. Although the Georgia Supreme Court has unanimously decided in favor of Matthew Chan in regards to a “Stalking Protective Order” several months ago, it would appear there is yet another chapter in the case. Something tells me that opposing counsel and  Columbus Georgia Attorney Elizabeth (Betsy) McBride may not have the best of days this week. She may have succeeded in pulling the wool over the lower courts presiding Judge, the first time around, now the Judge in question ( Not her husband Judge whom did not hear this case, yes she’s married to a judge that just happens to sit in the same court as this case was tried.) gets to see the actual truth and the actual posts, comments and other material in their truest form.. While the below declaration will have no effect on the actual case, it will shed light on many of the shenanigans that were pulled in the lower court, and I personally think they should be publicized. Attorney are generally held to a “higher standard” and are expected to be professional on all levels. It’s my opinion that Columbus Attorney Betsy McBride missed the mark here, readers can decide for themselves.

Ellis v. Chan: Declaration Regarding Petitioner’s Misrepresentations – Opposing Counsel Misconduct by

Some very interesting nuggets come to light here for sure, can’t help but wonder if “opposing counsel” will address this directly, will she share it with her “client” Marietta Georgia Poet and Copyright Troll Linda Ellis? Will she bitch and moan about it to her Judge husband? Clearly even though this case is “over” it’s not “over”.


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  1. Elizabeth McBride gets away with everything in court due to her husbands position as the Chief Judge. Judges hearing her cases are bias, and too many innocent kids are being taken from good mothers. Judge Author Smith hears nothing that the opposing party against Betsy says. He only listens to her recommendations. She continues to pull the wool over the lower courts presiding Judge, all the attorneys are sick and tired of this and she needs to be stopped. She should be held to ethics, but she walks around like shes untouchable. I and many others are filing bar complaints in hopes to that Betsy is stopped

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