Classic Seattle Attorney Timothy B. McCormack

Who ever would have thought, that sitting in that Georgia Supreme Courtroom, Seattle Copyright Attorney ( titled used very loosely) Timothy B. McCormack would give us such great compelling moments. I truly sat in awe and wonderment as he fumbled his way through his few minutes of fame. I am so grateful to him for sharing his knowledge of “how the internet works” I was doing it wrong this whole time, by clicking around, I feel like i wasted years of my life!

Timothy B. McCormack: How the Internet Works from Matthew S. Chan on Vimeo.


7 BILLION people are going to see this, as it is now “tattooed” on the internet!

Timothy B. McCormack Spells the F-Word for Georgia Supreme Court Justices from Matthew S. Chan on Vimeo.


Holy Fuck!! The world is coming to an end!! Run for cover!

Timothy B. McCormack: Internet Domination Strategist Who Creates Forums! from Matthew S. Chan on Vimeo.


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