Chan V. Ellis getting some good news coverage

Seems the general public and online News agency’s completely understand and “get” the Georgia Supreme Courts recent ruling and reversal of the lower court’s decision. Why Linda Ellis doesn’t “get it” is beyond me, as she continues to try to fabricate stories and tall tales in regards to what the actual facts are. She also has recently posted that ELI “cohorts” are posting lies about the case. Nothing is further from the truth. We have always been stating nothing but FACT, something that always seems to escape Linda Ellis. She really should try to pull her head out of her ass.. Below is a listing of recent news articles, blogs, and comments.


  1. Ellis “gets it” JUST FINE in my opinion.
    It’s a matter of Ellis not “LIKING IT” that is the problem
    and was the problem all along. Ellis did NOT LIKE the
    “exposure” she was getting on ELI regarding her trolling
    business and went to great lengths to protect it.
    She continues to go to great lengths to protect it with
    her fabricated stories. (opinion)

    Ellis filed complaints to Matthew’s hosting service provider
    which back-fired. She filed FALSE DMCA take down
    notices to Matthew’s Scribd account which back-fired
    (hence the angry “language warning” video).
    She then filed a “stalking” suit against Matthew for which
    she finally succeeded in getting all of the information about
    her on Matthew’s site REMOVED. (FACTS)

    Glad this story is getting some good news coverage.
    I am thankful that Matthew decided to APPEAL because he almost
    did NOT! Matthew has done a great service to all bloggers in my
    opinion. He has also hopefully done a great service to the poor woman
    (as per Robert’s article) who wrote the comment that was deleted
    on Ellis’ Facebook page who seems to have been in need of REAL
    and TRUE protection from “stalking”.

  2. I am not technically a member of the press. I am one of the parties being written about. However, I do believe the general public will have a legitimate interest in what I have uncovered and reported this past week. I largely stayed quiet for most of the last two years letting Linda post all kinds of inaccurate facts and assertions against me. Those days are now over.

    I have written a series of blog posts to reveal facts that the general public and lower court was not privy to. Currently, there are 3 posts in the “Cleaning Up the Mess” series but Part 4 and 5 is coming.

    Check back at for further updates.

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