Trapped Under The Troll Bridge

April 17, 2013 Robert Krausankas 2

Looks like Getty Images has filed suit against Virtual Clinics, a company that develops websites for Veterinary Clinics. This case is particularly interesting for a number of reasons. I’ll do my best to not pass […]

Asshat of the Month Award

“The Dash” has hit the fan.

March 28, 2013 Robert Krausankas 9

For a second time it appears that “The Dash” poem is going viral, well maybe not the poem itself, but the author of said poem may very well be reeling from the Streisand Effect today. […]

Asshat of the Month Award

Copyright Troll squelches Free Speech

March 13, 2013 Robert Krausankas 3

ELI founder Matthew Chan has been hit with a Permanent Protection Order for “Stalking” exposed copyright troll Linda Ellis, even though he has never met, spoken too, emailed, telephoned or texted her.. This PPO is […]

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