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It was just brought to my attention, that Linda Ellis is continuing to distort FACT about the recent turn of events regarding the Georgia Supreme Court reversal. She just post this on her Facebook feed a couple of hours ago:


Many of you know that I had received a Permanent Protection Order against a man named Matthew Chan of Columbus, GA. He appealed it and it went to the GA Supreme Court! They made a decision last week to reverse the judge’s order. They said it infringed upon his free speech. Below are examples of (the thousands) of his posts that caused me to seek protection.

MAY I ASK YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS? Many of these posts were titled: “An Open Letter to Linda Ellis” or began with “Hi Linda.” Obviously directed to me.

And here is more of his hate in action: LANGUAGE WARNING

He said he was talking to people who “want to put me in the ground.”

“If anyone knows how I operate, this is no bluff.”

“It may be too late after a certain threshold is crossed.”

“I won’t elaborate on what I might be capable of and I don’t ever want anyone to push me too far.”

He claimed my family and friends would be “collateral” damage to what he would be doing to me.

He said he was a cult leader: “You should realize that creating and managing an online cult is actually more challenging than one when you physically meet and interact with my followers. My dazzling, hypnotic, persuasive, and entrancing words and prose are somewhat masterful I must confess. I can convince the most intelligent, self-determined, and self-motivated person to blindly follow any public suggestion I might make.”

“I am absolutely getting payback for the time and energy you have caused.”

“I could even find your house to see what it looks like and where you live…definitely would get some video footage of your house…I could be a one man paparazzi.”

“I could probably go digging through public records to see if you have any traffic infractions, see how many times you have been married and divorced.”

“Pull up your real estate deeds, mortgages, and any other interesting documents. I would want to see how big your house is, how much its worth, how much property taxes you pay, and any other properties you might own. I bet you live in the **** **** area. I love that area.”

“Believe me when I tell you I have a LOT on you.”

“Just so you know, my patience is fairly low. It wouldn’t take much to push me over the edge on this.”


Once again, she can’t seem to get it right, and is depending on her lame Bible-thumping Facebook friends to lend her support..We tell the truth and back up everything we say with FACT…Georgia Poet and Author Linda Ellis is nothing but a money-hungry, fucking, religious hypocrite!  ( IMHO )

The Georgia Supreme Court NEVER even looked at the Free Speech issue. There was no need for them to do so as they determined that NO CONTACT was ever made. It’s impossible to stalk someone having never met, communicated with or had any contact with said person.. This dumb cunt needs to see it for what it is and stop twisting facts. Yes, Chan said some crude, obnoxious things, which are all protected by the First Amendment and he freely admits to those, but this case was not decided on that in any way, shape, or form.




  1. What delusional world does Linda Ellis live in. The GA Supreme Court did not rule that the PPO violated Matthew Chan’s right to free speech. They ruled that Matthew Chan never initiated any contact with Linda Ellis.

    She initiated all contact and has been making up lies about what actually happened. Doesn’t she know that these guys have all the base documents? Doesn’t she know that the GA Supreme Court decision is a matter of public record? They never had to address the issue of Free Speech violation. They simply said the PPO was inappropriately granted because Matthew Chan never initiated any contact with Linda Ellis.

  2. So far it seems as though Linda Ellis has some pretty interesting Facebook friends.
    I’ve been reading all of the “public” comments to this post as Linda Ellis’ Facebook
    page is “public”.

    Let’s see…we have comments about judges possibly being “abusers” by Sandra Olson followed
    by a comment posted by Ellis herself who states that the decision was made by many justices
    of the Georgia Supreme court and that the FIRST JUDGE “studied the evidence”.

    Um…we have some “violent threats” as I “interpret” them.
    This particular post by Jill Adams seems to have been deleted from Ms. Ellis’ page of comments:
    Jill Adams – “Buy a gun and demonstrate your right to defend yourself and your property and family. Then invite him over. Sorry couldn’t help that last sentence.”

    Not to worry, I have learned by none other than Timothy B. McCormack to be sure to get a “screen shot”
    for which I certainly did.

    Another seemingly “violent threat” by Karen Turbeville Buffkin:
    Karen Turbeville Buffkin – “Just remember your right to bear arms and protect yourself trumps his freedom of speech…c’mon over to Horry County…and invite him to follow you. Bless his heart.”

    This particular post was “LIKED” by Ellis herself as well as the following people:
    Jewell LaLa Jeffery
    Sammy Parrish
    Anita Larock
    Jill Roth

    Yup…I gotz me another screen shot.

    Debbie Foege doesn’t seem to get the ruling by SEVEN Georgia Supreme Court Justices
    and infers that Ellis got herself a “brain dead judge”.

    Shawn Redish says, “chan chan can get his can can kicked if he wants it”
    Danny Goodwin – “Sounds like this guy needs some up close and personal attention.”
    (Ellis “likes” this one too)

    Yup…more screen shots.

  3. Dumb Cunt (borrowed from above comments, but I like it)
    Un-Christian Hypocrite
    Criminal Extortionist
    Extortion Troll
    Copyright Extortionist
    Copyright Troll

    All very descriptive and all apparently well deserved by Linda Ellis. Take your pick of the best descriptive term for her.

    I think Chan and supporters should have a contest to see if any better and more deserving descriptive term(s) can be had to describe her and her actions.

    This Extortionate Copyright Troll, Linda Ellis, and the initial judge that would issue such an unconstitutional ruling in the first place, are truly deserving of the shared DUMBASS OF THE YEAR award.

    PS. Linda, none of this is a threat, obvious to anyone but a DUMBASS like you, but rather just a humble opinion about the warped-reality, lying, EXTORTION TROLL BITCH that you are. Drawing your friends in to make threats against Chan by lying and distorting the truth of the court ruling is really low, even for a steaming pile of shit like you.

  4. Hey Mathew:
    Aren’t you and April Brown well beyond the level of personal threat and unwanted contact from Ms Ellis to DESERVE protective orders? Not to mention defamation?

    Congratulations on the recent court victory.

    My (very public) entry into the adjective/epithet contest (opinion only,of course) Trolless Extraordinaire at Large

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