1. I didn’t want to be the first one to say it but yes, her appearance was quite startling on TV. I thought to myself WTF happened to her since I last saw her two years ago up close and in person in court. The last two years haven’t been too kind to her. At the GA Supreme Court, I only saw her from a distance.

    Having said that, I looked at myself on TV on I also said to myself WTF happened to me? I got a lot pudgier! I seriously need to lose some weight! LOL.

  2. You know…Lucia and I both have never been a fan of bringing
    a woman’s “looks” into the mix as it seems a tad irrelevant.

    That said however, I DO SEE the relevant point of trying to
    show the seemingly “falsehood” of how Ellis continues to portray
    herself to the general public. I suppose you are trying to
    show “dishonesty” here as a “character flaw” so for that I
    will state that, “I get it”.

    Thing is though that even when she shows her “true self” as in
    the television interview, she is still being criticized for
    “looking haggard”. We all get old…deal with it. (tongue out at you :P)

    This topic is the ONLY “defense” Ellis gets from me personally and yes
    I WILL go up against my MALE friends on this subject. : )
    Now where the hell is Lucia?

    • Peevey,

      You did see how I commented that I didn’t like the way I looked either, right? I was all pudgy and round looking. I was just as shocked at how badly I looked on TV.

      I can criticize myself in public too.

      • YES Matthew, I did see your comment. My comment
        was based on the original post. : )

        Point being, you know that I don’t like criticism based
        on “looks” or at least not the kind of looks that a
        person cannot control. Now…the extra large woman
        walking around town in extra small spandex…well that is
        something that can be “controlled” and may be subject to criticism.
        Unfortunately “aging” can only be controlled so much.

        That said, it is EVERYONE’S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to
        criticize if they so choose there is no disputing that one
        and that is a GOOD thing IMHO! Naturally in return, criticism
        is always subject to rebuttal. : )

    • She can go “eww” all she wants. Let’s see what her husband looks like and we can be the judge. Who knows? He might be this ideal male specimen for all men and women to admire.

      I never had too much trouble meeting women after turning 40. Women younger and older than me by several years seemed ok with me. I have had the good fortune of dating attractive women that people actually liked and respected. They had looks and brains.

      Linda seriously needs to not “go there” or Robert might end up getting a Florida protective order on something I post that might hurt her feelings on this website.

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