Author Linda Ellis scrubs away any comments that disagree with her.

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"The Dash" Author Linda Ellis

Totally within her rights to delete anything from her own Facebook page, but it also shows that “The Dash” poem author Linda Ellis doesn’t want any opinions out there that are not “in-line” with her thinking. The below is a post which appeared on a public Facebook feed, that was originally posted and removed from the Linda Ellis Facebook page. The only editing I have done is to remove the users name. Very well written and articulate. Please remember this is coming from someone NOT associated with either side.

Linda Ellis – AUTHOR, SPEAKER, POET seems to have no problem engaging in open and public discussions, on the internet, even with her claimed “stalker”. Is she actually seeking out contact with her claimed “stalker”? Read all her comments here. Must be she is no longer afraid for her life! That is a good thing. Welcome back to the real alternate world Linda Ellis. But really, you are beginning to get so very tired and desperate sounding. I am not trying to hurt your feelings in any way. I understand your feelings, I just don’t agree with some of your methods and of course I think you lost your way and you sound so bitter. That will kill you, don’t you know?

Facebook User: I guessed right, Linda Ellis – AUTHOR, SPEAKER, POET deleted my post, after she thanked me for it. So here it is again. You don’t want to take my suggestion when you asked for it, that is fine! If he sues you now, you were advised to walk away! #LindaEllis #chanVellis #thedash #stalking #cyberbully #harassment.

Here is the post Linda Ellis – AUTHOR, SPEAKER, POET deleted.

Linda, you know I feel bad for you, but not enough to let this that you are saying slip by. I do believe you missed the point of the Supreme Courts Decision, it wasn’t about freedom of speech at all. It clearly was about the stalking you had claimed and they found it was not stalking. Words online do not amount to stalking, that requires actual physical contact. You can not go seek out to read someones words that you don’t like and then try to call it stalking.

I say I feel bad for you because I read your story and I went through the same thing waiting to see a judge to get protection from a neighbor who I caught on film making a call to his gang members telling them my address and asking them to come gang rape me. I had been nearly run down in the street by this guy with his car. I also got that on video tape. So I called the police and they said, no one makes a credible threat when being recorded. They claimed I was stalking him by the act of recording him threatening me. Of course I called it getting the evidence I would need for the protection I was seeking. The police alleged that he was actually calling them about me at the precise time I had recorded him. So he was just faking the threat.

So instead I went to the courthouse, filled out the paper and sat all day waiting to see the magistrate. When I finally got to see him with my video camera in hand with the evidence, I was told I could not have a protective order since he lived next door to me (it turns out he was squatting in a foreclosure house) and we were not known to each other through a past relationship of any sort. Go figure, Apparently he was simply a person I was hasseling over the fact that he had moved 20 barking dogs into the yard for the purpose of breeding pit bull fighting dogs.

Apparently it did not matter, because animal control would do nothing about it. So after 6 months of living in what I believed was a true and an imminent fear for my life, my family and my home and never leaving my  house without my video camera in hand, I finally was able to get the Sheriff’s to come. He finally moved out after that, and a bench warrant was put out for him since he failed to show for the court date. I continued to live in fear for a number of years after that believing he was coming back to get me. So far he has not come around.

I created a blog to tell my story and posted the videos on it, just in case. I wanted there to be a record so if anything happened or he showed up in someone elses neighborhood they could know what I had gone through.

So you see Linda, you were never really in any danger. No one in their right mind would believe he would come physically hurt you while he was posting all that stuff online about you. Police would have been able to follow that trail back to him. So the fact that stuff was being posted online meant you were safe! A real crazy person isn’t going to tell the whole world!

So calm yourself down and please stop trying to manipulate peoples sympathy for you, just because you did not like what was being said. You always had the choice not to read it. I know it is hard to swallow, but You have hurt your own business more then anything he ever did. Be happy he is not coming after you for his legal expenses. You tried to turn him into a criminal and he has every right to sue you for that. My suggestion, since you asked is Walk away and live your dash!


Facebook User: Linda Ellis – AUTHOR, SPEAKER, POET proves she knows how to deal with posts on FB she does not like – DELETE – DELETE. But apparently she does not know how to deal with Supreme Court of GA decisions that she does not like, other then to try to redefine what they said. She can try all she wants but it doesn’t change what they actually said and ruled on in the appealed case.

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