Author Linda Ellis recounts her “Stalking” story..out of context naturally

This is Part 1 of many, outlining my comments on the recent discovery that Marietta Poet and “The Dash” Author Linda Ellis will be sharing her “stalking” story”. Just to be clear, anything I write is MY OPINION and just that, don’t be an asshole and take anything out of context.

“Those eerily haunting lyrics played over and over in my mind driving by myself to the courthouse in the Georgia town where my stalker lives, hours away from my home.  Mile after mile, the words of that song which was posted under my name in a grotesque video on his web site, replayed in my mind.  It unnerves me to this day that he and his followers would share The Hearse Song intended for me, coupled with the words: “WE ARE COMING TO GET YOU!”  I can still picture the worms crawling out of the skeletal remains in the video and still feel the shock and fear that pulsed through my body the day that posting was discovered and I was forced to finally succumb to the realization of how twisted and dangerous my adversaries were. “

Quick FACTS that “Dash” Poem Author Linda Ellis continues to fail to realize:

  1. horses_ass Anybody that believes, that this video was a threat of any kind, is..well, to keep it simple a complete fucking moron ( yes this is my opinion of Linda Ellis)
  2. Wikipedia clearly states the song is a children song for crying out loud!”The Hearse Song” is a song about death, of unknown origin. It was popular as a World War I song, and was popular in the 20th century as an American and British children’s song, continuing to the present. It has many variant titles, lyrics, and melodies, but generally features the line “the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out”, and thus is also known as “The Worms Crawl In” –
  3. There are no “Followers”, again The Dash Author Linda Ellis shows how much of a complete fucking idiot she really is ( again my opinion) and “HE” didn’t even post the video in question another user posted it, and according to CDA-230 “He” can’t be held liable for others postings.
  4. As per typical Linda Ellis fashion, she takes the words “We Are Coming To Get You” completely out of context, does one really believe that we so called “followers” would actually, get together, travel from all areas across the country to appear at her door? I think not, if that’s the case I should have filed a PPO against Getty Images, since they “were coming after me, for an alleged infringement that never happened. Hell, I sat in that courtroom for oral arguments, and by the expressions on those justices faces, they clearly understood what was meant by that statement.
  5. “Twisted and Dangerous”??? Yes we can be a twisted bunch, we all have warped and good senses of humor. “Dangerous”? That’s a stretch to say the least and just about laughable.

“Looking back, that day was the turning point for me, the day I knew action had to be taken to protect myself and my loved ones.” 

I actually think the real reason here is because of our collective efforts to out The Dash Poem Author Linda Ellis and her copyright extortion way to the general public, I firmly believe we put a dent in her practices and her “income” suffered as more and more victims refused to pay. Also worth noting ( again, yes it seems I just have to keep repeating myself, because some are so lame brained, they just don’t understand ) is that if Marietta poet Linda Ellis proud owner of Linda’s Lyrics had never visited Ellis would have been none the wiser, is was HER CHOICE and HER CHOICE ALONE to visit that site.. I don’t particularly like Rush Limbaugh and what he has to say, so I elect to not listen to him or visit his site, it’s really not rocket science…But I digress…

However, in the beginning of this ordeal there was a graphic that surfaced that should have garnered more of my focus and fear.  It was a computer-generated photo of my face superimposed with others standing together in a firing line above the printed words:  “READY, AIM, FIRE!”  To be honest, it was so absurd to me at the time, the incident got buried by the trivialities and events that continually flow into our lives.  Little did I know…


Absurd is a good word to use here..I’ll confess the only time I’ve seen a firing line or firing squad is in the movies or on TV, but of those times, it always seemed to be that those with the weapons were the ones firing at some other poor soul, NEVER have I seen those about to be shot holding weapons, how someone can be so dumb to interpret this image as a threat is so far out, I almost feel sorry for Author Linda Ellis, not to mention it was also interpreted to be sexually explicit! WTF? It was a fucking cartoon for Christ’s sake!

Stay tuned for the next installment….coming soon..and don’t forget to “Live Your Dash!”

The above is for entertainment purposes onlybecause I think Harley Poe is cool as shit!

As Author/Poet “Inspirational Speaker Linda Ellis has a habit or posting and removing things on a continual basis, below are the original screen captures from her latest ramblings.





  1. Well….I may have to disagree with your opinion that Ellis is a “fucking moron”.

    My opinion is that the following adjectives are more properly suited:
    shrewd, calculating, conniving, devious, cunning, the list goes on.
    In other words, my opinion is that she is definitely NOT a “stupid woman”.
    She is milking the “stalking card” for all it is worth. She most definitely
    visited the ELI website of her OWN ACCORD and to my knowledge was NEVER
    CONTACTED by any ELI user for any reason nor were any of her family members.

    She most definitely did not LIKE what was being said “ABOUT” her as was
    plainly indicated in her own court testimony during the initial court hearing.
    Her statement from the public transcripts states:THE WITNESS (Ellis):
    “And it’s not just the visitors of your website, you were second on a search
    for my product and my reputation. And I believe that people can follow your
    threats and harassment.”

    After that statement she of course DENIED that “ELI was/is a threat to her money source”.

    It is apparent to me personally (opinion) that she PURPOSELY and CALCULATINGLY removed
    “specific portions” and “context” of the “explicit language rant” video
    in order to play the “victim card” once again. She of course does not speak of
    what SHE DID to Matthew’s Scribd account and hosting service provider which provoked
    his anger, anger that Matthew chose to “VENT” on a video chat uploaded to his OWN
    website and NOT SENT to HER via any type of “contact”.

    Ellis continues to use the “READY AIM FIRE” term completely out of context. That
    “cartoon” was completely explained in the oral argument and was even acknowledged
    by one of the Justices as a clear “parody”. She has HERSELF “interpreted” it as a
    “firing line”. Hmmmmm….trolls “armed with guns” aiming at innocent infringers all
    over the country is another sure fire interpretation.

    So is Ellis “really” a “fucking moron” or just grasping for any sort of sympathy that she can
    can get as the world finds out what kind of “business” she is actually running.

  2. Could we add that she is insecure as hell, shame based, immature, and about as fear driven as any human could possibly be. She lives in a bubble and believes that everyone around her is an idiot and easily manipulated. For those reasons I do see her as a “fucking moron”. She only need to convince other “fucking morons” to join her. Only the uninformed, underexposed and gullible buy her line of BS. Think Jerry Springer and you have Linda Ellis.

  3. I’m thinking “dumb” like a “fox”….

    As I understand it, Ellis has for YEARS received
    thousands of dollars from the “easily manipulated”.
    I personally see that as the act of
    a “shrewd” “business woman” (opinion).

    It seems that April’s “Beware Don’t Share” campaign
    has helped tremendously to shed some light to the
    “uninformed”, “underexposed”, and “gullible” folks
    who have been frightened into paying some pretty
    outrageous demands for alleged infringement (opinion).

    To be clear, do not fear, I am in no way defending the
    woman’s level of intelligence as a whole.

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