Another day, another twisted interpretation by Author Linda Ellis

Once again…Author Linda Ellis makes herself look like a total idiot:

from her daily FB rant:

“I stand corrected on an earlier post. (Thank you Roby McKinney for pointing it out to me.) The GA Supreme Court actually overturned my Permanent Protective Order because they said the man had not “contacted me.” (Posting open letters and videos addressed directly to me, having threatening letters mailed to my home, calling my employee at home, boasting that he drives by my house with cameras, posting photos of my home and my personal financial and family information…does not constitute “stalking” in their opinion.)

Sounds like it to me after reading the GA statute:

A person commits the offense of stalking when he or she follows, places under surveillance, or contacts another person at or about a place or places without the consent of the other person for the purpose of harassing and intimidating the other person…”


Is Marietta poet/author/ copyright troll really this fucking stupid? The Georgia Supreme court CLEARLY determined that Matthew Chan NEVER contacted Linda Ellis. He NEVER followed her, placed her under surveillance, or contacted her. You’d think being a “writer” she would know how to read, apparently not..

Let me also point out this little un-factual nugget:

Below are examples of (the thousands) of his posts that caused me to seek protection.

“The thousands” of posts she is referring to here were mostly from other forum users and but she continually tries to pin everything On Matthew..wake the fuck up already, and stop being delusional, admit defeat and move on, would be my advice to Linda Ellis, she only serves to make herself look more foolish as the days go by.



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  1. Around the time of the February 2013 court notification, there were over 1,900 posts on ELI. When I shut down that forum, there were over 2,000 posts at most by Feb. 28, 2013.

    Regarding alleged ELI letters that I supposedly sent to her, she never brought a single letter to court when I cross-examined her. You would think that she would bring those along to show if I did. I would sign my name to any ELI-related issue letter as I have always done in my many replies to people such as Tim McCormack, Eapps, Scribd on bogus DMCA complaints, etc. I usually use a distinct font, style, and size when I use letterhead mail and I have a distinct signature.

    I would like to see what mail she claims I sent. It may be that someone impersonated me. Why the heck would I send her ANYTHING? If I couldn’t be bothered to email her, why would I go through the trouble of actual MAILING her something.

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