An open response to “Will the real troll stand up” blog entry

Chantal Pare - Glass Artist and BloggerJust recently I stumbled upon a blog entry, that mentions both and this here little extension of ELI. I’m not going to address the entire blog entry here, but you can be sure it will be addressed on ELI.

What I want to address here is mainly the mention of this site itself, the blog entry states the following:

“An offshoot website adds little to the discussion other than a garrulous collection of graphic depictions of Ellis stuck in a toilet or with green skin, creating confusion about who the trolls are in the dispute: Ellis, or her detractors? ”

Let’ set the record right here and right now.. The purpose of this site was NEVER or will it ever be to add to the discussion, that’s what is for.. Yes this site was in part created to show some of the more colorful items, which are now referred to “garrulous graphic depictions”, but there is a much more powerful reason for this site.

It’s called  “EXPOSURE!” A proven method of fighting back copyright trolls is with EXPOSURE, need I remind everyone of the Jennifer Sherrouse episode, where she garned some excellent exposure from ELI, and before we knew it, the letter recipient had a letter stating that she was no longer going to pursue this.

Also worth noting is the exposure that our favorite canadian Copyright attorney Julie Stewart recieved…notice she is no longer in the copyright business..PERIOD, END.

To further prove my point that exposure works, this blogger Chantal Pare, apparently came here, saw the artwork and created her own piece, thus giving the copyright troll a bit more exposure!

A quick google search for the term “copyright troll John W. Jolin” sans quotes, will show you of the extra-added exposure this site will generate.

Make no mistake, I nor any member of the ELI community are trolls, we do not send out extortion letters demanding ridiculous sums of money, whether the infringement is “innocent” or not.. Time and time again the trolls depend on the recipient to “prove their innocence” thats not how it works in the US. We fight the fight on OUR terms not theirs, they choose to step into this arena..and don’t anyone try to feed me the line of bullshit that they demand this kind of money because they have lawyer fee’s ect..we know for a fact that copyright troll Linda Ellis author of “The Dash” uses John W. Jolin as her “copyright coordinator” he is no fucking lawyer, he works for a small web develop firm near Atlanta in the sales dept!! If Linda Ellis was so intent on protecting her copyright, she’d show some balls and file suit, instead of using fear tactics to scare people into paying an over inflated “fine”.. This piece of shit poem is so diluted at this point, she be lucky to win even a dime in a court of law.

And since this site is all about exposure I feel compelled to give Chantal Pare a little free PR as well…again thanx for the plugs on your blog!

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