A truly classic case of copyright infringement!

Seattle Attorney and copyright troll Timothy B. McCormack is featured in a classic case of copyright infringement.. I’ve been giggling like a little kid since this was brought to my attention!

An image that was featured in one of my posts, seems to have been “borrowed” by a site in the UK.. I guess we could send a demand letter, but then Timothy B. McCormack would not get the attention he so wants and deserves.. I can already see Timmy having his mistress or mis-representation Ashanti Taylor drafting a letter to have the image removed..I hope the folks in the UK deny any such request, as McCormack doesn’t own the image and has no right to request its removal… P.A.R.O.D.Y Tim…look it up.

Here’s the actual image:

and heres the link to the UK site:



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