A Blow to the Trolls that Blow!

Masterfile, one of the more aggressive and “supposedly” organized trolls gets handed a very big set back!


Without going into all of the details which can be read here, our friend and ally Oscar Michelen brought out the big guns and took down the troll in orderly fashion.. We’ve always thought that Masterfile had their act together in terms of copyright registrations, and having all the little ducks lined up in a row..WRONG

Don’t assume that if you get a letter from Masterfile, that everything contained in the letter is legit..This is largely a money grab, so you need to do your homework, get educated, THEN decide how to proceed

Masterfile loses big copyright case!
Maybe not the end, but maybe the beginning of the end!


  1. I just received a letter from them today saying I had used one of their copyrighted images on my blog. They want me to pay $1170.00. What should I do?

  2. Masterfile is a different beast! The generally have all of their ducks in a row, including images that are indeed registered.. Be sure to firstly remove the image, do NOT admit anything to them, in fact I would hold off contacting them at all, as it is easy to slip up while communicating, and they can and will in turn use it against you… Secondly research the image in question…is it available form other sources?? If so they need to prove you got the image from MF…also look to see if the image is registered.

    Masterfile has been known to file lawsuits, though I’m not sure how many if any they have filed this year. Ultimately it is up to you to decide how to handle this going forward.

  3. Hello, I got my first threatening email today from Masterfile. My original letter was about 10 days ago. Thank you for all your help with this! For now, I’ve chosen to ignore all letters and emails. I took the image in question down immediately. I was totally naive about these things when I started my website about 7 years ago, and now they want about $6000 retroactively. I would never have agreed to this license had I known about it. How many of these actually go to court if the letters are ignored?

    Thanks very much for any help you can offer. I did find the image in question on their site, but originally just found it on the Internet.

    • “R-Mail”??? it’s still an email, and not an official means of contacting anyone, who’s to say I didn’t hack your account, and open that email?…. masterfile often does have all of there ducks in a row, and they do file lawsuits..

      • Thank you Robert. I have a short letter prepared, saying that I’m willing to pay a maximum of $200, suggested by a lawyer on one of these forums. The letter is polite and well-written. Do you suggest sending it or remaining silent?

        • I’m not in a position to suggest anything, I am not a lawyer, therefore I am unable to give any legal advice.. If you do decide to send it, I would be very careful in your language, I doubt you would want to infer any guilt in the matter.. Like I stated previously, Masterfile is NOT Getty Images, they generally have proper copyright registrations, and they have been known to file suit in the past. They will also know exactly where you found the $200.00 reference from, as they are well aware of this site and extortionletterinfo.com

  4. sent a good letter without mention of the $200 – got an email response today, reducing the fee by half. Is Masterfile similar to Albizio? You said in a different post that they (Albizio) only go after big business – and mine is less than small, which I explained in my letter. Give in or ignore? Thanks again.

    • You can’t compare the 2 companies, as stated before MF is a pretty legit operation, and they file suit regardless of company size..On the other hand it’s coming out that Joel Albrizio is a total fuck-tard, with a specialty in douche-baggery.. He stated to me verbally on the phone, that he would never sue a small business..I don’t buy it, he’s all about grabbing money and in my opinion is a greedy fuck. I urge anyone how gets a letter from Albrizio or Adlife Marketing to do their research! If the image is properly licensed, file complaints with the Rhode Island Attorney General, and if it’s been turned over to collections to also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission!

      I doubt MF will lower their offer again, and ultimately it is your decision on how to move forward.

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