Oct 02

Legal Advisor Oscar Michelen

Legal Advisor Oscar Michelen

Legal Advisor Oscar Michelen

Copyright-trolls.com is proud and honored to welcome prominent litigation and intellectual property attorney Oscar Michelen of Manhattan-based Cuomo LLC on board as our official legal advisor. Having been associated with Oscar for the last 3+ years, this is certainly a welcome addition from a legal standpoint. We share many of the same views in regards to copyright, as well as to how copyright trolls / extortionists attempt to work the system in regards to enforcing copyright.

For inquiries regarding Oscar’s Defense letter Program, please visit extortionletterinfo.com


Sep 13

Newest Copyright Troll Tyra Hughley Smith

Tyra Hughley Smith “jouranlist turned attorney”!

Tyra graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia Missouri School of Journalism with a Bachelor’s Degree in Magazine Journalism, in addition to an Honors Certificate and a Bachelor’s in Black Studies. Tyra has worked for various newspapers, magazines and news-magazines as a journalist, and during her senior year of college, started her own online magazine focusing on the college experience.

Upon graduating from law school, Tyra became the General Counsel for a small service-based company in Illinois.  But Tyra’s passion always has been in the arena of media and entertainment.  Thus, Tyra started her own practice, catering to media and entertainment clients, focusing primarily on music law, contracts, business law and negotiation, and intellectual property, including both copyrights and trademarks.

Bar of Califormia – http://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Member/Detail/259845


This one is jumping right in with a demand letter of 6k for one image! more to come!

Copyright Troll Tyra Hughley

Copyright Troll Tyra Hughley Smith

Update Sept. 13, 2016….copyright troll Tyra Hughley Smith seems to like travelling, as well as writing, photography and practicing legalized extortion, as evidenced by her newly or not so newly launched blog..BarrisTourista

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Sep 08

What does Fraud, Forgery & Perjury all have in common?….Mitul R. Patel DDS

First things first, before I get a nasty gram from Mitul R. Patels “dental attorney”, let me make clear I am not accusing Mitul R. Patel of fraud, forgery, or perjury, as Patel claims through his attorney he had no knowledge of the fraudulent filings with a Baltimore Maryland court. I have no idea if he had knowledge or not, but it has been stated that Mitul Patel hired a “reputation management company, so in my view and opinion he is at the very least guilty by association….

And so with that I’m happy to report that Matthew Chan, the consumer involved with the negative review, as well as the bogus court filings has submitted an affidavit and motion to vacate the court order that nearly resulted in the removal of the reviews on several sites, Yelp being one of them.

As of today there has been no response from “sleezeball” Mitul R. Patel or his attorney – (“sleezeball” is again my opinion), but i’m sure there will be more to this story going forward.

Sep 08

Georgia Dentist Mitul R. Patels $99.00 Special just got even better!

patel-ad-1patel-ad-2Yes folks, hard to believe that such a good offer of a $99.00 Teeth cleaning can get any better, but it does!!

Mitul R Patel , DDS is now offering a FREE $268.00 gift certificate for new patients, that’s right folks act today!!, but wait there’s more!! (cue the cheesy infomercial music) He also offers a FREE Emergency Exam and X-rays!….

STOP Right There!….Nothing in this world is “FREE”, and if you believe this load of shit, then you probably deserve the butt hurt  Mitul R.Patel DDS is likely to give you when he sucks you into his office for these “free” services”….see for yourself these great offerings!

Now do yourself a favor after reading the hand picked,  “Rave Reviews” * offered up by Mitul R.Patel DDS and his partner Davis Smith, DMD (who most likely doesn’t realize who he’s working with…..yet) take a few moments to do yourself a favor and view real life, real people reviews on public review sites, such as yelp, kudzo, ratemymd, ect…. these reviews speak volumes on how Mitul R Patel operates his business IMHO.

*These reviews come directly from Mitul R. Patels “Patient Relationship Management System, and NOT from the general public, hell we don’t even know if these are actual patients.





Aug 31

Suwanee Georgia Dentist Mitul R. Patel shows his true colors….NOT

So it’s been a couple of weeks since this story was introduced to the Streisand Effect and much has happened, and there still has not been a resolution. We’ve heard from Mitul R. Patels “dentist attorney” demanding that Paul Levy remove his initial posting, denying his client knew anything about the whole yelp removal and the bogus court documents that contain at least one forgery.

What we haven’t heard from either Mitul R Patel or his so called attorney Georgia Lawyer Stuart Oberman, is an apology to Matthew Chan for any of this, whether he was aware of it or not. One would think it would be the honorable thing to do, but nope not a peep from either of them……

Stay tuned as there will be much more coming in the days/weeks to follow.

  • Jennifer D.
  • Cumming, GA

I had the worst professional healthcare experience of my life last week when I visited Dr. Patel. I expressed concern about getting back to work to the dental hygienist because I was told over the phone it would be an hour appointment and it was running over. This was my first visit and would have planned accordingly had I known. When Dr. Patel came in to talk to me he insulted me in every way possible, was condescending, told me all my teeth were going to fall out. He asked if I was more concerned about work than my teeth, when I got visibly agitated by this comment he asked if I had a special medical condition where I couldn’t sit still. I’ve worked for the same company for 16 years and lived in the Johns Creek area for 12 and have never encountered this level of disrespect professionally. Before even getting a routine cleaning I had come for, I walked out in tears. I’ve been going to dentist regularly for 30 years an this was by far the Worst experience ever!

Aug 23

Suwanee Dentist Mitul R. Patel Responds to bogus court complaint

Loganville, Georgia Lawyer Stuart Oberman

So apparently Georgia Dentist Mitul R. Patel is a bit upset about getting some internet exposure regarding the bogus court order that has his signature, and was subsequently emailed to yelp from HIS email address.. He has since “lawyered up” with Loganville, Georgia Lawyer Stuart Oberman, who has already sent a demand letter to Paul Levy of Public Citizen.

In this letter the attorney claims that Mitul R. Patel had no knowledge of this court order, and that someone or “some business” must have done it, and that they are looking into the matter…

Naturally I have a few issues with this “demand letter”

“….please be advised that then contents of your blog are grossly inaccurate, factually incorrect, and were obviously written for no other purpose but to gain publicity for your blog, and to willfully damage the name and reputation of Dr. Patel”

Um, NO. While the content may or may not be inaccurate at this time , at the time of posting everything was accurate as far as everyone could see..Same goes for “Factually incorrect”…factually speaking, the complaint lists bogus addresses for both parties, and also Mitul R. Patel’s signature ( whether it’s forged or not it’s there)

The blog post, nor my posts were made in an effort to “gain publicity” or to “willfully damage the name and reputation” of Mitul R. Patel, the posts were made to expose an under-handed scheme via the courts to squelch ones First Amendment rights, plain and simple.. It’s not our fault if his reputation or name was damaged… Hell by looking the many one star reviews posted in various places online, his reputation was pretty much in the shitter to begin with…In my humble opinion.

“Therefore, I am requesting that you immediately retract your blog regarding this matter, that you publish this response on your blog, and that you immediately issue a formal apology to Dr Patel on your blog.”

Two outta Three ain’t bad!…the response was certainly posted, but no apology has been issued and the original posts stand….much like my posts will remain..in fact here is the link to Paul’s Reply and as he states at the end…

Stay Tuned, there is certainly more to come…

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