The War of Words, and How Low Copyright Trolls Will Go

I think it is pretty apparent at this point that those suspected to be behind the VOJF blog, Joel Albrizio of Adlife Marketing and Marietta Georgia Poet Linda Ellis are showing their true colors. First, impersonating a group of concerned citizens, then calling for the shutdown of this site, all the while attempting to name and shame me and my family as well as associates of mine. This speaks volumes to the character of these truly disgusting people.

You are LOSERS plain and simple. If you feel compelled to continue to try to tarnish my wife’s and my son’s reputation, who are 100% completely not involved in this, you and only you bear the responsibility of living with your decisions. I can live with my decision to out and expose you for your copyright trolling and “legalized” extortion and will continue to do so as I see fit.

Attempting to drag my wife, her place of business, her associates, and the good she does in this community and her career into question, is completely absurd and it shows. My wife is perfectly aware of how I operate, behave, and speak and is clearly the better half of our marriage. My actions and reporting on copyright trolls is no secret and in no way a reflection of the person she is. Only spineless, desperate individuals would think it wise to drag unknown innocents into what equates as strong differences of opinions and do so anonymously.

To target a smart, talented, responsible, honorable, hard-working college student just getting his life off the ground by dragging him into an issue he is not involved in speaks to how low you are willing to stoop. With the exception of less than a handful of times, I have not targeted, spoke of or mentioned anybody not directly related to copyright trolling, and one of those times it was only because Albrizio’s son is listed as a corporate officer of Adlife Marketing. So while they call for me to “shut-up” and “shut-down”, I call on VOJF to grow a spine and truthfully speak of the issues at hand, have the guts to post under your true name and identity as I do, and stop altogether dragging my family into this. Even the most sleaziest of politicians, don’t break this unspoken rule. Continuing to do so, only shines a brighter light on what we already know, the voices behind VOJF are morally bankrupt and that they cannot withstand the truth of what I write.



  1. The problem Joel Albrizio has is that he claims to be the CEO of a successful company. Linda Ellis claims to sell thousands of books. If both people are highly successful, why do they focus on copyright trolling? Because they aren’t successful anymore. They’ve earned all the disdain they have fostered through these kinds of disgusting tactics.

  2. In another one of April’s comments, she mentioned that she had to
    “force herself” to read the ridiculous VOJF blog. I have to agree wholeheartedly. I refuse to waste any more of my time reading “high school” drivel.

    As for this post Robert, it’s one of the best things that you’ve ever written thus far in my opinion.

  3. so now the readership drops below 6.. and to Aprils’s point, it’s spot on, Look at Getty Image who also opted to go down the copy-right trolling path, their sales were ( and continue to be) flat, and they search for ways to keep the ship afloat. Much the same could be said of any of the known trolls. What they fail to see, is if they acted accordingly, without strong-arm tactics, they may have been able to actually right the listing ship, while at the same time getting new customers and driving sales. Problem is they look through “beer goggles” and can only see dollar signs.

  4. There is a reason we don’t see a blacksmith on every corner in 2017. Times are-a-changing. Ellis and Albrizio are blaming “stolen content” for their losses when in reality it’s the failure to project trends and adapt to the marketplace. The man has too much time on his hands. When you read through the VOJF and Prepared Food Photos blogs it’s easy to judge both as fronts for abhorrent activities. One blog is clearly for slander and harassment purposes and the other is so poorly written it appears to be a cover for his trolling operation. I would not be surprised if this company is boarded up sometime soon. Which leads to the desperation Albrizio shares with Ellis. Like Ellis, this man posing as a mom is likely depressed and possibly in unmanageable debt. The Jupiter blog seems to reveal a deeply disturbed person collaborating with Ellis to silence Krausankus. If he read through the dozen or so blogs devoted to the Dash Extortion Scheme he would know that Ellis is a failed troll now. She no longer is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in trumped up damages from innocent infringers. She’s left with the rare person she can shame into stupidly paying her off. My guess is Albrizio invested in his trolling operation and because of activists like Robert it’s not so lucrative anymore and going the way of his photo business. We are watching a pair of trolls that will soon be parting ways. I would bank on that.

  5. It ain’t me Snuffleupagus and your writing about me is slander that has been copied and saved with the hundreds of other pages of evidence. Looks to me like you’ve pissed off someone with a backbone this time. But, it’s NOT my blog. I didn’t create it and I have never posted on it except to share examples of what you’ve done to me…and I DID use my name. I am only brought into this fiasco because the immature creations you’ve posted exemplify (and expose) your behavior. What grown man (and father) would sit at a computer and create the childish photos you do, putting a penis on a man’s head and a face on a horse’s ass? Don’t you feel foolish when professional people or clients learn that you spend time on these types of things? What are you, like 50 years old? OMG. I can hear your goofy laugh now when you all called me a CUN* on that video – you both giggled like 13-year old boys hearing a bad word for the first time. I read the VOJ blog that was put up and I must admit, I do feel some satisfaction that you seem to be experiencing what you have done to me for years…but it ain’t me. Every time April stubs her toe, she blames me. Get a life people. Spend your time doing positive things. Life is too short for your junior high behavior and cyberbullying. Act like an adult. Disagree with me, fine, but do it professionally, and honestly. Don’t believe April’s truth-stretching, she is obsessed and believes her own lies at this point…just ask me for the truth. Be an example for your kids, Robert, INSTEAD of an embarrassment. Is the type of things you’re doing what you want THEM to see, emulate and remember of their dad? When they speak to their kids someday, do you want them to say, yeah your Grandpa created penis heads and posted photos of people on the toilet, or do you want them to say he used his professional skills and talents to contribute positively to their world, their future? April reported that I was sending letters on Christmas — another lie, I was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital, regretting all the time I’ve spent on you morons. Get a life. Tomorrow is promised to no one. The COUNTLESS hours you people spend just writing lies about me could be spent volunteering at the homeless shelter or visiting the elderly. You could ride with me to deliver bread and pastries to the shelter, or serve food. Seriously, think about the time out of your life you’ve already wasted on this useless negative crap…time you’ll never get back. Time that could have been spent with your wife and your kids. I sincerely hope you find positive things to do with your time…cuz we don’t get much of it, and what you do does indeed come back to you. God bless you, Robert, and your wife and kids. Maybe this can be your wake-up call.

    • Linda, you have my respect for actually commenting here after all this time. I don’t respect your operation however but I think that’s been pretty apparent all along.

      My opinion is and always has been that “true freedom” is when you no longer care what others think. When you stop living your life the way that others think that you should or preach to you that you should.

      I think that Robert IS doing “positive things” by writing about trolling and truly “helping” people. His “style” in doing so is his own “freedom” and no one has the right to tell him how he “should” be doing it.

      This is the “legacy” that I personally hope that he will pass on to his kids.
      Welcome to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    • Dear April,

      Below is a troubling email I received last night. I came across your site and wanted to forward this to you. This really caught me off guard. I responded to the email from my personal email with an apology and a sincere expression of not knowing who the author was or that it was copyrighted. I had heard a sermon at a funeral, was inspired and asked the minister for his notes…and I typed the poem on my linked in site.

      I’ve taken it off of my linked in profile already as well.

      Any insight you can offer is welcomed.

      Thank you,


      From: The Dash Management
      Date: March 27, 2016 at 7:43:55 PM EDT
      Subject: Notice of Copyright Infringement


      The attached letter is to serve as notification of your unauthorized use of the poem, “The Dash.” “The Dash” is a poem written by Linda Ellis, and she owns the legal copyright to the poem. This letter has also been sent via fax.

      A screenshot is included below. This registered, copyrighted work has been published and distributed unauthorized on your website:

      We look forward to hearing from you, your legal counsel, or your insurance company to resolve this matter. For more information about Linda Ellis’ copyright protection, visit her web site at:


      John W. Jolin
      Intellectual Property Coordinator
      Linda’s Lyrics, LLC
      2146 Roswell Rd. NE
      STE 108-124
      Marietta, GA 30062
      Phone: 404-966-3349

  6. Here we go again. Linda Ellis re-inventing the truth, lecturing us on what bad people we are and what a good citizen she is. The problem Ellis has is that we are reporting what she does and who she associates with and the tactics she uses to troll and silence her dissenters. The facts are this: Ellis sends extortion letters to real people and yes she sends them on Christmas and Easter and she sends them to people who were once her fans. We post the actual letters. They are not invented by us or written by us or sent by us. Ellis can deny and deny but the facts speak for themselves. I’ve collected over 400 letters and thousands of emails just like the one below. This one came in last week. The irony is the stupid poem is about the dates on a tombstone and when the owner of a tombstone business put the poem on his blog Ellis (pretending to be Katie Ross) demanded $15000 in damages. People should know that Ellis runs a one woman extortion business and only recently teamed up with Albrizio to stalk and harass Robert’s family. Ellis stupidly hoped she could threaten a fan and small business owner into paying her off. She hates her dissenters because we are successful in informing and warning the public.

    Your Name: (full name withheld)
    SUBJECT: Linda ellis troll Message: Hi

    I live in Ireland and we own a headstone business. A lady asked me to put a dash between two dates on a headstone and she sent the poem ‘the dash’ to explain why she thought it important. I thought it was lovely and put it up on myblog/news section of our website. Three month later i received the normal threatening letters looking for compensation from Katie Ross Linda’s Lyrics, LLCetc. I thought it strange and googled it to find loads of info about her scam on your blog. To be honest i was worried and once i seen your blog i felt more at ease because we are a small family business that can hardly afford a solicitor never mind this comp. I wanted to ask your advice. I completely ignored the first letter and i recieved another mail a few weeks later explaining that they would hand over to their debt collection agent to deal with after 30 days. Now i deleted this mail too hastily as i was really annoyed. But then i got to thinking (and this is the annoying part, that it plays on my mind) that i didn’t see that in your blog, i.e the debt collection part. I’m just a little uncertain what to do. Would you have any advice?



    As I’ve said many times, if Ellis wants to sue me or anyone else on our team for slander, we welcome the bright light of public opinion and the exposure and justice that will come from an airing of her dirty deeds.

  7. Yeah Robert, you could be spending your time extorting people for using a poem. Just imagine what must go through one’s head sending out compensation letters to churches and non-profits for their mistake in thinking a poem about death would be safe to share. Linda, your legacy will be that of a hot and smelly turd. I already think ‘poop’ when I see your face on the web. How many waiters and waitresses have you berated today? Did you leave your “I give god 10% so that’s what you get” tip? Do you sit in the front row of church every Sunday? I could be wrong, but it just seems very likely that you are that kind of person.

  8. Your Name: WITHHELD Your Email: WITHHELD SUBJECT: The Dash Message: Hi Linda
    Hi April, I am sure you are now ‘sick to death’ of people contacting you over The Dash. Unfortunately I have recently been caught up in this saga, but I won’t go into details … But it would, of course, be incredibly valuable to know what one should do after getting one of her $7,500 extortion letters. Nothing? Or, what would you suggest?

    Your Name: Michael WITHHELD Your Email: WITHHELD SUBJECT: Thank you! Message: Hi,

    I recently saw an internet meme from Toby Mac about your life being the dash between two dates. This reminded me of an incident about a decade ago where my friend and I were sued because we ran a Christian message board and somebody had posted a poem called The Dash.

    For kicks, I googled the topic to see what ole Linda was up to these days and came across your page. I can’t tell you how delighted I was to see that somebody had taken her to task for her ridiculous shenanigans. My friend and I settled with her for $500 because neither one of us felt like dealing with it. But we were both furious and (in hindsight) we probably should have pushed back on her. The worst part was we ended up taking down the part of our site that allowed people to share writings.

    Anyway, thank you! I’ll be purchasing a copy of your book because I’m obviously interested in the topic. But also just as way to say thanks!

    Mike WITHELD

  9. I was replying to a VOJF thread on the ELI Forums and it ended up being much longer than I expected. And it is directly relevant to Linda Ellis’ comments here on CRT. She injected herself into VOJF and decided to pile on. But she now complains because she is being associated with this VOJF fiasco.

    For now, I leave this link. I will probably have more to say later.'voices-of-jupiter-florida'-discussion-thread/msg20799/#msg20799

  10. I think it is interesting how Linda is trying to defend herself now that she has been caught up in the VOJF mess. I make the following points.

    1. Linda and her purported victim status has been hijacked and being used for Jessica/Joel’s benefit. It seems to me, she was all too happy to pile on to an “anonymous” blog without really understanding what was going on. Now, she gets to be associated with Jessica/Joel just like she is associated with Timmy McCormack.

    2. Linda allowed her out-of-context video of ME who is doing MOST of the talking to be “weaponized” against Robert. Even her response, she again paints with a broad brush. Let’s be clear, I said “crunt”, not Robert. I also defined it as a conglomeration of two words. Linda conveniently ignores that I had a lengthy warning and disclaimer that the episode would contain open rants and profanity as well as a concluding statement with a public apology where I said I would likely password-protect the video because of the profanity. (I obviously forgot and didn’t think many people cared.) In fact, at the beginning of the video, I even instruct people to turn the video off if they felt they might be offended by what I said.

    3. Linda orders Robert to “get a life”. He has a life and he gets to live it the way he wants. This is how I see it. He has been happily married for 20 years, overcome a bunch of personal challenges, has two good, smart, talented kids, has a profitable web development/hosting business, a decent middle-class home living in the warmth of Florida, volunteers in the Jupiter volleyball community, a hobby photographer, and takes care of his elderly mother living with him. Sounds to me Robert already “got a life” going on.

    4. Jessica/Joel continues to rail about Robert’s “minor daughter” and her welfare. However, that daughter is part of the Jupiter volleyball community which is why both Robert and Trisha are so involved. Parents are involved in activities their kids are involved and interested in. If Jessica/Joel successfully destroys that relationship between Robert and the volleyball coaches, anyone want to guess where his “minor daughter” that Jessica/Joel purportedly is concerned with her welfare ends up? She will likely be ostracized and perhaps kicked off the team. And Linda seems all too happy to jump on that bandwagon. Linda seriously needs to READ all the VOJF posts and see all the people Jessica/Joel is attempting to burn and tarnish in his efforts to take down CRT and Robert.

    5. Linda should also realize that Robert and I (the two guys she despises the most) actually DEFENDED her in early discussions about who was behind VOJF. We never believed Linda was the originator or host of VOJF. But it was NOT a unanimous consensus. IN the beginning, we greatly suspected Joel (or someone from his camp), but never Linda. But more information came out that pointed to Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It was based on an honest assessment we did.

    6. Linda has repeatedly claimed to be a “victim” of his supposed “cyberbullying”. And here she is ordering Robert around, trying to shame him, accuse him, insult him, call him names, telling him how he should live his life, and admitting to enjoying the VOJF treatment. All of this on Robert’s own website! What “victim” does that and try to antagonize and provoke the supposed perpetrator?

    Robert wants to allow Linda to respond here. Fine. But I am not going to sit quietly and let her distortions go unanswered in this whole ridiculous VOJF fuckfest.

  11. Given that Linda seems to have shown some interest in all this. This is something she might want to seriously consider:

    She might despise Robert for some of the memes and insults towards her but she should look at the bigger picture and actually read every VOJF post and all the innocents being named.

    She might despise me, April, and ELI for some of the posts we made about her. But she needs to objectively step back and see if we actually crossed the boundaries that are being crossed the last 4 weeks. It is not even a close call.

    As has been said before, even sleazy politicians don’t go after innocents and family. But Jessica/Joel continues to pound away but as more people see what is going on, I think objective observers will be able to see VOJF for the self-serving sleaze project it is.

    Personally, I think Linda should JOIN US and call for the takedown of VOJF as a matter of principle.

    Remember, it is always better to deal with the “devil” you know than the devil you don’t.

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