LOL April has a kink free garden hose for sale

April Brown sure has a way with words! I suspect Linda Ellis may be getting some attention as well as Joel Albrizio in the coming days..

Mr. Albrizio a perfect bedfellow for Ellis. Although he might fall short of qualifying for jail or an episode of “American Greed”, he has Ellis’ propensity for drama and identity fraud.  Joel AKA Jessica is pretending to be a mother of unknown number of children and Linda’s imaginary girlfriend who just happens to live in Jupiter, Florida where Robert Krausankas lives.  Like Jupiter has been waiting for “A group of organized parents against pornography” and  “this Blog Is About A Better Jupiter, FL” because out of the blue Jessica Langston cares about your kid? Right. If you believe that then I have a non-kinking garden hose to sell you.

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