The ever-growing list of active copyright trolls and the companies they represent…Seems to get longer by the week. Note this list does not include the P2P / Bit-torrent Porn trolls, we may decide to include these on there own page, since they seem to be extra special.

Getty Images
Jonathan Klien – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Hypocrite
John Lapham – Senior Vice President, General Counsel
Yoko Miyashita (VP, Seattle)
Lizanne Vaughan (Senior Director, Seattle)
Ilana Safer (Director, NYC)
Lisa Wilmer – Senior Director, Corporate Counsel at Getty ImagesJason Camhi (NYC)
Lisa Wilmer – Senior Director, Corporate Counsel at Getty Images
Jonathan Lockwood (VP, UK)
Irene Paricaud (Director, UK)
Alec Cameron (Director, UK)
Nancy Monson – Copyright Compliance Specialist
Yvette Johnson – Copyright Compliance Specialist
Douglas J. Bieker  – Copyright Compliance Specialist
Mandy Richmond – Copyright Compliance Specialist

Daniel M. Wadkins – Outside Counsel – Lee & Hayes pllc

McCormack Intellectual Property Law
Timothy B. McCormack – aka “The Copyright Cow”
Lauren Kingston – Intellectual Property Attorney
Ms. Susan A Klatt – Paralegal
Ashanti A. Taylor – Paralegal
Benjamin H. Wayne – Paralegal

DeBoer IP
John M. DeBoer

Hawaiian Art Network
Glen Carner – Owner / Head Troll
Vincent K. Tylor – Photogrpaher / Troll
Lynne Hubsch – Account Director / Troll
Peter T. Holt – Attorney
Brandon S. Sand – Attorney
Gil Zvulony – Attorney – Zvulony and Company
Julie Stewart – Attorney -Blackline Entertainment Law & The Trademark Shop
Aldrich Law Firm – Attorney – Russell Aldrich
Jeffrey L. Kominsky – Attorney –  Conrad & Scherer
Ivan Kopas – – Attorney –  Conrad & Scherer
Christian Philip Martinen – Attorney – CPM Creative
J. Stephen Street – Attorney sends out some of the highest demand letters we have seen

Copyright Services International
Glen Carner – Owner / Head Troll
Vincent K. Tylor – Photogrpaher / Troll

Carolyn Wright –
Carolyn Wright – Owner / Attorney
Leslie Burns – Attorney
Cindy Wan -Hsin Hsu- Attorney
Evan Andersen – Attorney
Earl Richardson – Attorney
Leah J. Frazier, Esq – Attorney
Jennifer Sherrouse – Realtor
Ryan McGinnis – – Photogrpaher

Adlife Marketing & Consulting
Joel Albrizio – CEO / Owner 

Linda Ellis

John W. Jolin – “Legal Representative”
William Hicks – Copyright Coordinator
Bretton Holmes – Copyright Liaison Director
Timothy J. Lockhart – Wilcox & Savage

$7500.00 for a worthless poem? You must be kidding!

Geoffrey Beal – Copyright Compliance Officer
John MacDougall – Senior Compliance Officer (past)
Steven M. Weinberg – Attorney – Holmes Weinberg PC
Ken MacDonald – Copyright Compliance Officer
Kristen Sams – Copyright Compliance Officer
Michael Hilsheimer – Copyright Compliance Officer

John E. Grant III – Meltzer-Grant ( formerly IMUA Legal Advisors )

Stock Food America
Deborah Free – Copyright Compliance Manager
IMUA Legal Advisors – John E. Grant III

Rob T. Cook – Attorney  from St. Augustine, Florida

Garden World Images
John E. Grant III – Meltzer-Grant ( formerly IMUA Legal Advisors )

Nordic Photos

Alaska Stock
Dennis Franks – Office Manager

NCS IP Recovery
Pat Russo – Recovery Specialist
Elaine Mirren – Recovery Specialist

Atradius Collections
At this time they don’t have the balls to sign a name to their letters

Gallery Stock
Timothy B. McCormack – aka “The Copyright Cow”

Copyright Defense League
Randy G Taylor – “Agent”
Dan B. Levine – John W. Jolin wannabe??

National Photo Group