Court documents don’t lie!

adlife-logoIMHO Joel Albrizio can be as slippery as an eel, sneaky and underhanded… the more I learn the more I distrust this self serving scumbag… I’m not going to waste too much time commenting on this suit, readers can make their own judgement, but I do find it interesting that most if not all of the plaintiffs, were “terminated” before getting the chance to quit being employed by AdLife Marketing.


  1. This is very rich, especially in light of Joel Abrizio’s sanctimonious comments on this thread:

    Joel Abrizio said:
    “When you steal from a company you steal the opportunity for employees to pay their mortgages and car payments, you rob employees children of the opportunity for a higher education. In short you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

    Joel Abrizio, stop pretending that you care about your employees. Your behavior is abominable. You should be ashamed. Stop being a litigious horsefly and go do something valid for a living.

    • Yes, because trying to extort someone for $8K over one photo is entirely justifiable. Yes, someone is doing some “robbing” alright. It is Adlife.

      It looks like Adlife is looking to become the new King of Copyright Extortion if this keeps up. I won’t be surprised if they are introduced to the Streisand Effect very soon.

  2. I just received a letter from this idiot demanding the magic 8K and the letter reads that it is a past due notice for services rendered. I kid you not. He has the 1/2 of my name that shows on public LLC records. The phone # is his-I called and he identified himself. But it is sent from a PO Box in Irvine California which happens to be a CR attorney out there I am fairly sure. So is this guy scamming, co=scamming or getting scammed? This is unreal. I’m not going to leave my real name or website,sorry. I need to figure out who is trying to extort 8K from me first!

    • I’d certainly be interested in seeing this letter, being it’s coming from Irvine California, and maybe an attorney..This would be a new developement in terms of Adlife Marketing & Communications past M.O.. If you care to send it to me you can do so at admin|@| Feel free to redact it if you are more comfortable, I won’t post it without discussing it with you first.

  3. My family received a letter too. One letter first come from adlife with an invoice for $8,000.00, and a second letter from and attorney’s office Higbee & Associates out of Santa Ana, California. They said a picture was uesd on the restaurants website. The website was designed by a advertising company locally here where we live. They have the invoice that shows what was provided in the service for Website Package – images included. The advertising company is now closed. The copyright catalog they sent looks like they just filed for copyrights for about 250 photos was just done 12/2/16, The website was created back in 2010. How should I tell them to proceed?

    • Contacting them will most likely not get you very far..Albrizio and Higbee are trolls and want your money! If you have in writing the contract that states the web developer was to supply all images, I think I would just sit tight and lay low. If they are dumb enough to file suit, any judge in their right mind would see and understand this is at worst a case of “innocent infringement”, since the paperwork shows you acted in good faith. There is an active case in the system now with, where they filed a suit against Adlife for a declaratory judgement, if this case does not settle and goes the distance, Adlifes images may very well be deemed to not warrant 8k, or anything near that amount… And yes Adlife did just begin to register their images with the copyright office, which while perfectly legal, it does appear that this is/was being done to bolster their copyright claims..again any sensible judge will see this and understand the thinking behind it.

      disclaimer: the above is not legal advice, just opinions.

    • I would add that I would very much like to see the 2 letters you got if possible, as we are tracking them. If you don’t mind, you can scan and email them to admin at Your personal information i the letters will not be made public.

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