Anonymous Blogger (Adlife Marketing?) Attempts to Shame into Going Offline

A brief history of what started all this.  I was made aware of a company called Adlife Marketing sending out settlement demand letters for $8,000 for the use of a single image.  While the amounts are, in my opinion, outrageous what makes it worse is Adlife Marketing has removed their images from, and is the process of removing them from Creative I have found several instances where the people at Adlife are threatening with these letters and legal actions actually have a valid license.  When Adlife Marketings images were removed from iStock the proof of purchase disappeared from their account page leaving them without a receipt which Adlife demands.  I have been reporting on this and have had comments added by people who have received Adlifes letters supporting what I have found.

After widely reporting on Adlife Marketing and Communications, owner and CEO Joel Albrizio called and threatened me via telephone on October 20, 2016.  During the brief but heated conversation he stated “You are a sick bastard!”, “I am going to destroy you!”, “Your life will be ruined!” and “You have no idea what’s coming!”  Then on December 22, 2016 an “anonymous” blog called Voices of Jupiter (VOJF) appeared, my name  was registered and a new Facebook account under the name Jessica Langston was created. It is “Jessica Langston” who sent an email to me notifying me of the VOJF site and sending emails which I will discuss below to my clients, my wife’s work associates and the Board Members of my daughter’s volleyball league. The VOJF blog is attempting to silence me and shut CRT down by using tactics to shame me, my family, my business associates, and others that I am associated with.  Below are two links, the first is where I reported on the threats and the second is where my sites legal advisor sent a letter to Joel in response to his threats and claims.

It is my suspicion that Adlife president Joel Albrizio or someone in the Adlife camp along with Linda Ellis are directly involved in the slanderous shameful blog, even though the purported purpose of the blog is to make Jupiter Florida a better community. There is no other information regarding Jupiter or the issues it faces except for entries pertaining to me and my reporting on

Look at the facts…you decide.

  • I have in my possession an email (see below) that a client received in which the IP address links directly back to Pawtucket, Rhode Island which is where Adlife Marketing  is located.
  • Compare the writing style of Voices of Jupiter, vs the writing style of Joel and you will the styles are nearly identical. Example: both sites blog post use the phrase “In Closing”.
  • I have in my possession an email which states the author “Jessica Langston” of the email is using “another name”
  • The timeline is simply too coincidental to be any other source. The anonymous Jessica Langston FB page appeared on the same date as the new domain (Robert was registered along with the VOJF blog appearing that same day. This just happened to be the day after I reported on the porn trolls being indicted on criminal charges in an article called “Porn Lawyers Indicted on Criminal Charges…..Joel Albrizio should take note.”
  • As the new posts have been made, it has been made perfectly clear that the purpose of the blog has nothing to do with Jupiter, but everything to do with shutting down copyright-trolls, in an attempt to scrub any references to Adlife Marketing.
  • Looking at the comments, one can see they are mostly faked, as they are all anonymous, and as any internet savvy person knows, commenters very rarely if ever comment on a single item, and disappear. If this blog was legit and legit users were reading it, I bet my bottom dollar that users would comment on multiple posts as with most blog sites…again you decide.

This “anonymous” blogger repeatedly says that I am guilty of “copyright infringement”, “pornography”, “gay bashing” and the “demeaning of women”.  While many of my posts may use strong language and sometimes graphic images as attention getters, none of the accusations are true and are 100% unfounded. To further that, this blog is clearly not intended for younger audiences, as it mainly discusses copyright issues and legal matters.

For someone to stoop to these levels is beyond reproach and speaks directly of how desperate the author is to save face by attempting to “ruin and destroy” me and my family.

Addressing The Accusations

I will now simply address each accusation to show just how ridiculous these posts are, and to show the true evil that lurks behind it, doing it anonymously.

How I don’t bash gays.

One of the VOJF posts takes a tweet I made over three years ago saying “I’m sure the gay members of your congregation are proud of you now” directed at the Pastor and of a Georgia church who made national news when they decided that the boy scouts were no longer allowed to meet in their church.  The reason they made this decision was the Boy Scouts of America decided to change their policy and allow gays.  My tweet if taken in context is clearly supporting gay rights.  You may read the original story here.

Another post refers to a “Butthurt” meme, which is clearly not sexually related in any way. Any normal person would know this is simply internet slang, and only a twisted individual, would turn it into something sexual.

From Urban Dictionary: butthurt

Getting your feelings hurt, being offended or getting all bent out of shape because of something petty or stupid.

Demeaning of Women

I have previously used images of Poet Linda Ellis, which have been transformed into trollish images, a horse’s ass, and an image of her likeness going down a toilet. Linda Ellis is a widely known copyright troll who demands $7,500 from people who share her poem, and those images portray just that, there are hardly any other references to women on copyright trolls, except for maybe a few other trolls which get reported on from time to time. Linda Ellis can thank this anonymous blogs’ author for bringing her back to the forefront.

Let me also point out a recent post states that I have the likeness of Linda Ellis going down the toilet was an image of my daughter on the toilet with Ellis’ head superimposed on it.  ABSURD!  First and foremost I would NEVER enter the restroom while my daughter was using it, much less snap an image, what kind of warped mind would even think to say something as this. The original image came from an existing internet meme, and the image itself was used to show that the Linda Ellis extortion scheme was going down the toilet…You decide.

The Use of the “C” word

Lately the blog author has been harping on my use of the “C” word in a video, please have a look at this video, and notice these things.

  • This video is NOT hosted on my channel, nor has it ever been, it’s actually hosted on Linda Ellis’s own channel
  • This video was copied / uploaded to Ellis’s channel Dec. 23, 2016, while the original video was shot long before this.
  • Please show me where I say the “C” Word
  • Also notice that the “C” word used is actually “CRUNT”

I made one singular post with the word spelled as an acronym titled “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking” in regards to Linda Ellis an obvious play on words.

The use of Pornography

Yes there are some graphic images, such as the “Golden Dick Award”, while crude it would not be considered porn by any means, same goes for the “Porn Troll” image which is a cartoonish image, and was used to illustrate the nastiness of the porn trolls, it’s as simple as that. Yet the author of VOJF insists on twisting it to fit his/her needs to stifle my right to free speech and to shut copyright-trolls down.

I could go on ad nauseam dispelling every single post, but I’ll let the readers come to their own conclusions, as to how low this blogs author has gone to disparage me and my family.

In regards to contacting my clients and organizations I am associated with.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every client and others I am associated with for their support and ability to see the VOJF blog for what it is, an attempt to smear and ruin my reputation and the removal of

Needlessly naming my children, wife, her place of business and associates that have no involvement will only continue to bolster my case, and embarrass the author of VOJF, as they have all seen through the smoke and mirrors.

Is your child safe with me?

Accusations and innuendos have been made on the blog about videotaping I do at my daughters volleyball games and children’s safety.  These accusations are 100% completely unfounded, borderline defamatory and possibly the lowest form of revenge, plain and simple. Anyone that knows me, knows how I care for these kids as if they were my own. Having been happily married ONCE for over 20 yrs, should say something of my character and family values.                                                         

A common sense question

If in fact I was this “horrible person” would someone such as Oscar Michelen, a well known, well respected NY Attorney, continue to be associated with me? Would he approve of having his image and bio on….I think not.

“In Closing”

Let me be clear, I will not be bullied, harassed or forced to shut down I have NOT broken any laws, infringed any copyright, bashed gays, or demeaned women. What I have done is exposed copyright trolls for what they are, and for what they do, in doing so I have educated victims of their threatening ways. If the author(s) of VOJF wish to continue on the self destructive path they have chosen, that is solely their choice.


Email containing Rhode Island IP address:

From: Jessica Langston <>
Date: December 27, 2016 at 3:08:18 PM EST
To: <>
Subject: Contact: Quote
Reply-To: <>
To: Webmaster
First Name: Jessica
Last Name: Langston
Company Name: J.L. Inc.
Business Phone: 561.262.5886

Hello, my name is Jessica and I am new to the Jupiter area and in researching different interests/activities for my family I came across your website and was interested in speaking with you. I have background in web design and loved your web page so I checked out your web designer….Web Design of Palm Beach. I have to say I was shocked at what I found! I am sure you have no idea who you have done business with (I am attaching a link for you to view). I can not do business with anyone that does business with this horrific Robert Krausankas person. If, at any time, you decide to move your business elsewhere please let me know and I would be interested in giving you my business. I think it is important to help small local businesses grow. I hope this is not a reflection of what Jupiter is really all about.


Sent from (ip address):
Date/Time: December 27, 2016 8:08 pm
Coming from (referer):
Using (user agent): Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_12_0)
AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/55.0.2883.95



  1. I believe that in the end, the truth will win out. And Robert K. will be vindicated not just in my eyes, but in the eyes of all his readers, business associates, community members, family members, friends, and sports associates. It is sad how poor the selection of images used by Jessica or Joel or whoever is behind this to try and demean Robert really are.

    I read a post on VOJF that actually used an Olympic volleyball photo, used to promote women’s volleyball as if Robert K. had taken the photo of the volleyball players butt in Olympic spandex shorts. The most absurd part of the whole thing was that the photo was credited to Getty Images. Anyone who knows Robert as a photographer would know that he would NEVER let Getty market his images.

    Stay the course friend. You will prevail.

    • I agree, at the end of the day everybody will see this for exactly what it is. I don’t know of a single person that has bought into this BS blog, ( not than anybody is actually reading it)the spammy emails that have been largely ignored, with the exception of bringing them to my attention. Getty images should be ashamed for selling that image of the volleyball player.

      • I say we launch “Voices of China” and boycott Getty Images for selling the image of the Chinese volleyball player who has a butt. Getty Images is perverted and has an unusual interest in young female Chinese athletes. (*sarcastic wink*)

  2. Robert is passionate regarding his disdain for trolls whether they are male or female and it is obvious in his writing style. Personality and style aside, CRT information has been researched and backed by facts and documentation with regard to “trolling activity”. Comments from people that I consider “victims” have also shed light here regarding these activities.

    During the Timmy and Ellis fiasco, never to my knowledge did anyone ever try to actually “contact” Timmy, Ellis, any of Timmy’s or Ellis’ family, family place of business, family activity directors, etc.. and send “warning” messages. Ellis tried to say that she was actually “contacted” but the truth came out in court that she herself chose to visit blog/forums where information was being posted. She was NEVER actually “contacted”.

    Based on what I’m reading here, this “smear campaign” has seemingly gone WAY BEYOND stating “opinions” on a ridiculous anonymous blog site and there has been “harassing CONTACT”. If ever a PPO should be issued I would think that this would most definitely be a case! (opinion)

    Glad to hear that for the time being, this informative site will remain!

    • While there are no plans on shutting down CRT in the immediate future, there will be changes going forward. I’m by no means perfect, and have been known to right to the edge, but going forward things will be more “conservative” for lack of a better word.

      • Sounds good to me. There is MORE than enough regular fodder to talk about. In fact, it would not surprise me that the more conservative you become, the higher profile CRT will become. I guess we should thank Joel/Jessica for helping to raise your profile and standing as a blogger.

        • Matthew,

          I don’t necessarily agree with the “conservative” thing. Personally, I’ve never had an issue with stating outright if something does not set well with me or if it is “offensive”. If I am offended, or if I feel that Robert is being a little too “edgy”, I will say so and if I continue to be offended, then I have a CHOICE to leave. It’s that simple.

          I will reiterate that the “Dickhead” award pertaining to “trolls” is still my favorite…and…I’m still here.

  3. Robert,
    What a pain that you’re even having to spend time refuting the ridiculous crap that [Joel Albrizio’s entourage?] is writing about you on that nonsensical blog. The timing of the smear campaign in combination with the IP address linking to Adlife’s exact location, even if circumstantial, is damning. It appears he is trying to deflect attention from his own unethical behavior that you have exposed to the world by creating fake news about you.

    I’m very grateful for you and the other Troll busters I’ve found in the past couple of months. Without your dogged efforts to make this information pop up on Google, my client would have been trapped in Adlife / Joel Albrizio’s wide net along with other innocent victims. He is a bona fide sleaze bag, and this new fake news blog cements that belief in my mind.

    I want to see Joel Albrizio (and/or whoever is behind this smear campaign) to quit trying to defend their sleazy money-making schemes and stop trolling for victims. But until that happens, keep up the good fight. Your efforts have helped me and so many others.

    Also, let me know if you need me to testify.

    • I fully agree, this isn’t about “Jupiter” in any way, it’s all about the fact that I exposed Joel Albrizio of Adlife Marketing in Rhode Island for his dirty business practices, and he wants those references to go away…Unfortunately he / they insist on dragging my family and associates into the fold, which really just make him /them look that more desperate.

      • If you were located in Egypt, the blog would be be called “Voices of Egypt”. If you were in a city called Intercourse, Pennsylvania. The blog would then be called “Voices of Intercourse”. The outrage of the “voices” would, of course, then be all the “moans” and “groans” going on in that city.

        I am sure Linda and Joel would be screaming “Robert is being a pervert for saying Intercourse (Pennsylvania)!”

        • You had to do this didn’t you….right after I announce that I will be more “conservative” going forward…Well I just can’t help myself..Get ready to cringe and call in the moral police!…

          Jessijoel / Linda should consider a blog called “voices of Uranus”…clearly they are talking out of their asses..

    • Amy, if you think what Robert is doing is a time-suck. What about the guy who is pretending to be a woman who has to dream and write up a new distortion day after day? It has to be getting old doing it for 3 straight weeks and counting. At some point, this whole thing won’t need any refuting because everyone will see the sham of a blog it truly is.

      Also, someone is PAYING for the privilege of buying a domain and web hosting to put out this supposed “Jupiter Blog”.

  4. Robert,

    Welcome back, my friend! It is very important to be open and discuss this matter. Let’s put LOTS of light on the subject. We will keep the dialog and debate going in an open and intelligent (and even humorous way). It is easy to explain and refute the so-called “accusations.”

  5. Speaking as Robert’s feminist friend and using my real name, I have to comment on this ridiculous blog Joel Albrizio is hiding behind with Linda Ellis. Although creating slander websites against dissenters is nothing new for Ellis. I’m the recipient of many, and she’s tried teaming up with another troll – Timothy McCormack formerly of Getty Images and who by the way had far more resources and backing than this Albrizio guy, both tactics have proven to be a miserable failure for her. What these dopes don’t know is that Ellis is addicted to trolling and the collateral damage of that operation is disgusting. Trust me, I have no pity for most of the people she’s dragged down the rocky extortion trail, but I do feel for those innocent infringers and sometimes I even feel sorry for Ellis. You have to wonder why someone who is constantly trying to resuscitate her brand would keep kicking herself in the head. As an example, she is prematurely touting a “new book” she wrote with Mac Anderson (it’s actually the same book with a new cover with her one hit wonder) that is suppose to have been written by an inspirational author. She’s rewritten her online content attempting to keep her name attached to a poem circulated as author unknown. She’s trying to be the face of internet bully but not as the bully, as the victim! While she’s working to restore her good name she’s posting flat out lies and distortions while contacting Robert’s family, friends and associates. All Robert needs to know is Albrizio is using the same failed tactics as Ellis. This crap he’s posting will follow him the rest of his days, just like Ellis’ foolish and harmful choices are her monkey.

    This morning I forced myself to read the ridiculous posts on this ridiculous blog. Joel pretending to be Jessica is hilarious. He-she is a terrible female impersonator. He seems not to get that most women are not offended by the stuff he is writing about. He seems to be ashamed of his sexuality and is clearly homophobic. As an example he defines “butt-hurt” as anal penetration so therefore that combination of words is sexual no matter the context. Most people understand that “butt-hurt” is a spanking that leaves burning red marks. He sees a meme of a penis on the head of a copyright troll John Jolin as pornography but every one else gets that Jolin is a dickhead that rips off old ladies. Yes, Jolin really does rip off old widows on pensions.

    Now this dope Albrizio is lashing out at Robert over the use of the word “Crunt” in a video interview with Matthew Chan when both Matthew and Robert were furious over Linda Ellis abusive tactics and demand of $100K from an innocent infringer. Ellis deserved a far worse tongue-lashing than she got from either. As much as I’d like to give Robert credit for the creation of the word, he did not invent the word. Crunt just so happens to be an alternative rock band from Seattle. Crunt is a sports term for arrogance. And this one: In derogatory gay epithet for a woman who dislikes gays, coined from a contraction of crone and cunt. He came up with the perfect definition as it applies to Ellis: “What is said for all to hear is that CRUNT is the combination of two words. C_NT and Runt, when describing a famous female poet who is small in stature”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Joel Albrizio needs to put down the lipstick and pay attention. The only reason both Albrizio and Ellis are in the news is because of what they do. They are copyright trolls. They use deceptive practices and fraudulent schemes to harm the public. They are addicts with a deep need to sow discord and suffering. Linda’s plough has been in the dirt for over 20 years and a forest of hate has grown up around her. Albrizio can’t erase her legacy or his by pretending to be a mom who is offended by a penis, the words crunt and butthurt.

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