An Open Letter to Brendon Albrizio

Dear Brendon,
As an ex-executive of your father’s (Joel Albrizio’s) company, Adlife Marketing, I’m sure you are aware of the recent goings on in regards to me reporting my opinion on Adlife Marketings somewhat shady business tactics regarding copyright enforcement tactics. This has never been a personal quest of mine (or those reporting on these tactics) to tarnish your or your family’s reputation in any way shape or form. The author of The Voices of Jupiter Florida .com is solely responsible for making this a personal issue.

You may be aware that shortly after I reported on the tactics of Adlife, someone from the “Adlife Camp” (presumably your father) has taken on a mission to continually tarnish my wife’s, my son’s, my business associates’, and other acquaintances’ online reputations. NONE of them are involved in any way, shape, or form. Someone is sending out emails under fake/impersonated accounts. I have in my possession evidence of IP addresses that link directly back to Pawtucket, Rhode Island. These emails reference a blog ( Voices of Jupiter Florida .com ) which weakly claims to be a blog to “Make Jupiter, Florida a better place”. Yet, almost every single post is about me, my family, my associates, or my blog, VOJF is clearly not about anything Jupiter Florida related. It is a pretense. The blog posts relentlessly and wrongfully tag my family and associates in the hopes of tarnishing their online reputations.

I have NOT, nor do I have any ill will feelings towards you or your family on a personal level. I have, thus far, taken the “High Road”. However, my patience and ability to be restrained is coming to an end. I will defend my family, friends, and associates by whatever means, if necessary.

Your father has previously stated he would “ruin and destroy me”. It seems apparent he is trying to make good on his threat and has been on a mission to destroy me and other innocent people along the way. Many people following VOJF find your father’s behavior sick and disgusting, in addition to the disgusting and false posts.

I appeal to your sensibilities as a professional and ask you have a conversation with your father have him remove VOJF so everyone can move on. Everyone has seen through VOJF for what the sham it is to try to pressure me to remove VOJF is offensive and continues to stoke the fires of conflict.

I’m sure if were in my shoes, you would not take kindly to you, your family, and other known “innocents” in your circles being constantly being written about, tagged, in such a disgusting and false manner. The posts twist, take out of context, and alludes to immoral and perverted behavior. I prefer to not go down a very ugly road. However, as I stated previously, my patience is wearing very thin at this point.

I hope you will persuade your father (or the responsible parties) to remove VOJF in it’s entirety or I will no longer exercise the restraint I have the past 45 days.

I congratulate you on your recent career move and wish you much success in your new endeavors.

Robert Krausankas

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  1. I have asked for a retraction and apology for the VOJF post acusing me of suggesting criminal acts and for the post acusing me of being Robert. I have not yet seen either.

    If those are not forthcoming, I will be happy to assist in your retribution efforts Robert. Not for your sake, but for mine. I don’t usually spend so much time on things of this nature, but McCormack IPC law (haha) and Linda Ellis taught me to seriously dislike copyright trolls.

    Even if they didn’t attack me for no reason on VOJF (which they did), that seems like reason enough to shower them with unwanted publicity.

    Their going after your family and me, a casual onlooker, makes this personal. Only you can close the Pandora’s Box you have opened, Joel Albrizio.

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