Adlife Marketing & Communications is Getting a Bad Online Reputation

Not including, Twitter, GlassDoor reviews, and what not, there are plenty of people discussing the copyright extortion scheme that Joel M. Ablbrizio and Adlife Marketing are portraying. Apparently, Adlife’s and Joel Albrizio’s reputation has taken a hit and they look to be attempting to take it upon themselves to clean up the Google results that copyright-trolls now dominates. New blogs, new twitter accounts, etc. are all failing I might add.

Maybe Adlife Marketing and Communications should consider hiring Richart Ruddie over at Profile Defenders, he can file some bogus lawsuits and dupe some judges into signing off on them. These two dirtbags would make good partners, seeing as they are both greedy as fuck, and not all that bright IMHO.

There is a whole series of threadspertaining to Adlife Marketing & Communications and Joel M. Albrizio over on the ELI Forums.

Here are some other random places that Adlife Marketing & Communications are beng discussed.

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